Trusting yourself

Its to tell someone to trust themselves, its harder to follow that advice. Everyday we are faced with decisions to make, and these decisions differ on various levels. Do I buy this bunch of bananas or that, do I leave my job for a different one. Most people don’t think about the choices they make that won’t have an large impact on their life. Its safe to assume that most people do think about the bigger choices we all have to make at one point in time. So how do you trust yourself? How do you know you are making the “right” decision? I have a few tips that might help.

  • Listen to your body. If the idea if this choice gives you an upset stomach then that might not be the right choice for you. Your body is an amazing machine. If you eat or drink something your body thinks is poison what happens, you vomit. Who’s to say your soul doesn’t work the say way.
  • Writing it out. I just heard this idea and I LOVE it! Write out the worse case scenario that can happen and the best case. If you can live with the worse case then trust your heart and go for it!
  • My favorite, meditate on it. I personally like to ask for guidance from my guides and angles whenever possible. I go through a guided or regular meditation and ask for help with whatever situation I am in. There are great free meditations on YouTube to help you.

I hope this helps. Trust your heart and you can’t go wrong. XOXO


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