Meal planning!

veggie-loveI should warn you…… there has always been and will always be a rule in my home. If I make you dinner and you do not like it you
more than welcome to make your own dinner. This rule goes for my four year old as well. I am a busy woman and more importantly I think its just plain rude. I don’t make every one their own meals based on their likes. I make one meal for everyone, including my 15 month old (his is modified). But my point is if you are that person, no judgement, but this might not help you. You might want to think about starting this however. 🙂

Before we go into how to meal plan lets talk about why its important.

  • It will help you stay on track for the week.
  • It saves money, cause you won’t eat out.
  • Meal prepping prevents you from wasting food.

How to meal plan/prep…

  • Plan what you are going to make for each day of the week. This can be a LOT, so what I do is ask my son to pick one meal and my husband to pick two. This way I hear none of the “I don’t want to eat this” BS during the week.
  • I grocery shop based on my menu for the week. This is important. The main reason I do this is to force myself to meal prep, but also to help my wallet.
  • Make a few different types. I like to mix it up. I make chicken pot pie, then fajitas, a crock pot meal, and so on. This way its not the same thing every night.
  • Give yourself some room to breath. I meal prep for 5 nights. We eat out 1 night and have leftovers another night.
  • I put everything together that I can, and the night of I finish it so its still hot and fresh.

Below are a few of my favorite meals and my links to them. I hope this helps.

Menu for week:

Monday: Easy Baked Lemon Chicken

Recipe here  Pair this with brown rice and favorite veggie.

Tuesday: Slow cooker chicken parm

Get in my belly! I like to add bell peppers in mine for color.

Wednesday: Easy Oven Fajitas!

My go to meal! I love this meal! You can also use steak instead of chicken.

Thursday: One pan balsamic and veggies

Yummy! If you have a big family like mine you need to double the recipe.

Friday: Chicken pesto with cheese!

So good I like the thick cheese instead of the shredded cheese. Just add a veggie or bread and you are good to go.

Saturday: Left overs

Sunday: Eat out





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