My name is Ambrosia Matthewspicmonkey-photo. As long as I can remember I could see and speak with spirits. I was always afraid of my gifts. When I watched the movie “the secret” I became more open to the idea. About a year of fully doing law of attraction work I embraced my “weirdness”.

I began to give messages and set boundaries with spirits and the living. Then my brother died and it really became clear.

Clear that this wasn’t in my head.

Clear I wasn’t making it up.

Clear I had these gifts.

I was the best gift my brother has ever given me. I love him so much for that.

 Connecting to spirits isn’t the only thing I do.

I have three kids, and great husband and small fur baby. I love, love, love fitness. I have taught spin classes, step classes and personal trained for a while. I have lost over 100 lbs after my first child and kept it off for over 12 years. I went to school for physical therapy assisting, and will be passing my license exam in Jan of 2017. I love the beach and any type of out door actives.  I own my owe business helping people as a bridge to connect with the past or future. I have a podcast I run weekly and give live readings and advice to guests. I love my life!